Because of the pandemic we are working with a much-reduced pool of volunteers (because of age-group constraints) so we are having to reduce our hours to ensure we stay open and provide you all with a service.

We have HAND-SANITISER outside the main door – PLEASE use it. We have to make sure people keep the statutory 2 metres apart, so we’d be grateful if you would check before entering that there isn’t anybody else shopping in our narrow aisles – a short wait will keep everybody from potential cross-contamination.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation in these peculiar times.

FROM 30-3-2020

Monday to Friday
10am – 4pm

Saturday 10am – 2pm

Sunday 10am – 12:30pm

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Whitbourne Community Shop is a local convenience store that stocks all the staples. And if it doesn’t, you can usually ask for them to be ordered if there’s a reasonable chance they’ll sell.

We don’t pretend to compete with the supermarkets on price but there are many items from Apples to Zucchini at or below what you can expect to pay in Bromyard. And if you take account of the saving on time and petrol you’ll see that shopping in the village makes sense.

Our speciality is local food. We have carefully made, high-quality bread, cakes, chutney, wine, beer, cider, juices – all from within a 30-mile radius.

Whitbourne Village Shop is owned by its shareholders and run by volunteers. The profits we make are re-invested in the Shop and the community.


Sadly, Peter Cooks Bread have just informed us they have to close until further notice due to the virus, which means, obviously and regrettably, we won’t have any to sell, ordered already or not.
As soon as we get news of their starting up again, we’ll let you know here and on our Facebook page.


We are now in the 2020 grant-funding season! Anyone can apply for grant funding for their particular idea or cause but only applications that benefit people/groups within the Whitbourne area will be successful. Examples of a successful grant could be for a new piece of equipment for a group or society, or for an event or activity that will benefit people in the parish.

A Decision-making Panel is in place to oversee the process of assessing applications, awarding grants, administering distribution and monitoring the success of each grant. The Panel consists of three people nominated by the Shop Management Committee and up to three people selected by the community. If you are interested in joining the Panel as a community representative, please email for an application form:


An information pack is available here


as well as the paper copy in the shop. The application process is simple, there are notes to help you fill in the form and the Panel members will do their best to help you develop your ideas and complete the form.

Remember to visit our

Facebook page

for latest news and offers


You will find us in the village, next to the pub – The Live Inn at Whitbourne.

Our phone number is 01886 821867